How can I purchase a Jonathan Browning Product?

Jonathan Browning Studios sells through Showrooms, to designers, architects, and design companies. If you are not in the trade, please contact us and we will help you locate a designer or a local purchasing service to assist you.

Who do I contact regarding an Interior Design project?

Please contact us by through this website, email or phone, and we will set up an appointment.

Where can I obtain pricing?

You can contact a showroom for pricing and availability. If you do not have a local showroom, or are not in the trade, please contact us and we will assist you with pricing.


Quotations are good for thirty days.

Can Jonathan Browning products be customized?

Yes. Additional time may be required to complete a customized project. New custom designs can also be created.

What does "Quickship" mean?

Quickship means a product that is in stock, or that needs very little time to ship out (a week or two.) Quickship is identified on this website by a green dot.

How long are the lead times?

Lead times can vary between 6 weeks and 20 weeks, depending on the complexity in castings, and the schedule of the factories. Shipping can add another two days to one week, depending on choice of methods.

How do I get a tear sheet?

You can download or email a tear sheet from our website, or pick one up at any of the showrooms.

How do I get a catalog?

We have a Digital Catalog on our website ready to download as a PDF file, for your computer, iPad, or iPhone. If you a designer or architect and prefer a printed catalog, please fill out a request here on our website.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do.

Can I receive updates of new products and announcements?

Of course! Please fill out the "Join our email notifications", and we will keep you updated.


For any polished nickel, or brushed nickel finish, you can use a product like Windex, using a soft cloth.
For oil-rubbed surfaces, use a damp, soft cloth. Wood finishes can be polished with a wood cleaner.

Jonathan Browning Designs

All of Jonathan Browning Designs are protected by copyright and JBS holds the exclusive right to manufacture the designs shown. All dimensions are considered approximate, and JBS reserves the right to make changes in the dimensions, designs and construction without prior notice.


All Jonathan Browning Studios products are guaranteed for two (2) years from defects in materials and workmanship. Any claims beyond the two years will be looked at on an individual basis.


Jonathan Browning Studios is committed to producing the highest quality bronze work available on the market today. All products are thoughtfully and carefully engineered to be both beautiful and durable for a lifetime.

For a more formal written statement on terms and conditions, please click here.

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